About Awareone

What is Awareone?

Awareone Apparel is a Canadian based company that targets all demographics.  We operate out of Vernon and Kelowna, BC and our main objective is to gain the attention of the public while spreading awareness regarding Mental Health. Our apparel is purchased and manufactured in Kelowna, BC. Our intention is for the word “Awareone” to have a very powerful meaning behind it. We want our brand to start a conversation around Mental Health and provide our customers the opportunity to contribute to the Canadian Mental Health Association.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to spread awareness in regards to how many people around the world are dealing with Mental Health issues every single day. We want you to wear our apparel proudly with the mindset that you can show the world we are NOT bound by the issues we are dealing with. 

Our Goals

Our goal is to promote Mental Health starting locally in British Columbia and eventually reaching out to all communities across Canada, and the world. 

Our Founders

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