Founders - Derrek Mooney

Derrek Mooney

My name is Derrek William Mooney, I live in Vernon, British Columbia. I am investing my personal time to work on this passion project to bring forth to our community the importance of mental health. 

I'd like to thank you for making it to my page. I believe everybody has a story but are sometimes not able to share. My personal life experiences surrounding mental health have lead me to start this project and share my story with you. 

The driving factor behind starting this apparel company is to promote mental health awareness. I choose to promote awareness through apparel because I believe it is one of the best vehicles to do so. 

My goal is to spread awareness through the logo which I want to be recognized as a representation of mental health awareness. My personal experience has lead me to want to start this apparel company and help make a difference in the mental health community.

 On January 19th of 2018, my stepfather and best friend passed away in a car accident here in Vernon, BC. This was a devastating time in my life and I still continue to grieve over my loss. Not only was it hard for me but for my family as well. A feeling of helplessness shadowed me for quite some time and it felt like my whole life had changed, which it did. This feeling got me to a state of depression I have never felt before. It got me to a point where I was so down for so long that I didn’t think there was a way to get back up and become myself again. But then I started looking into ways to get out of that state of mind so I began researching mental health. My personal experience with mental health issues has lead me to believe that life is all about balance. It’s your perspective and your state of mind. It isn’t about being positive and high on life all the time. It’s about learning to deal with your emotions and feelings as well as having self awareness. Mental health programs have helped me realize who I truly am and brought me back being in a healthy state of mind. I feel very fortunate to be who I am. I am also very fortunate to have such amazing people around me. My family, friends and close peers have helped me cope with the loss of my stepfather and they are always there when I need to talk. 

Learning about mental health has helped me realize that there are not a lot of people who are as fortunate as I am. I have learned so much through the great people I’ve met within the Canadian Mental Health Association and the more I continue to learn, it compels me to lend my helping hand. This is why I want to start Awareone Apparel. My personal understanding today of mental health has changed and I feel motivated to make a contribution to many communities and provide less fortunate people with support opportunities.