Hasia Leigh is a mindset and wellness coach who practices meditation, yoga and other forms of wellness. She also has big plans for 2020!

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Matt Stewart joins me to talk about Leadership in the community and also the positive impact he plans to have on everybody he encounters. He is also starting his own podcast called "The Bearded Leader"

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Sareena Nickoli joins me to talk about why she started Soul Studio and why exercise is so important in all of our lives. Find her at:





Bron Johnson is a Life Coach. His goal is to help people remember who they truly are and help them get what they want out of life. We also talked about his experiences with what it has been like discovering polyamory. Bron is one great human being! Find him at:




Bill Schuilenberg is a Certified Sexual Addictions Therapist, Candidate (CSAT-C), an Emotional Fitness Coach, MAC (UK), who has a Master of Arts, in Counselling Psychology and a Diploma of Professional Counselling.

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Jason Podollan is a former NHL player, who now is a certified High Performance Coach and Mentor for minor Hockey Players here in the Okanagan.
Jason has a podcast called "Up My Hockey" where he has conversations on how to reach your full potential as a hockey player.

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Matt Taylor is a Police Officer here in Vernon, BC. He shares what mental health means to him and the community. Matt is a stand up guy who is continuously making his community a better place and is truly trying to serve and protect.  


I sit down with a great friend of mine Corey Sheikh. Corey is an Intuitive Healer, Speaker, Visionary and modern Spiritual Leader and Guide. Corey has big plans to help shape his community and have a positive impact on everybody he comes into contact with. Find Corey at:



Bron Johnson and I sit down and talk how important it is to be authentic. This is a word we are just tapping into more and more. We also talk about the power of being sober and the process of life!

Hope you all enjoy the show!



Julie serves our country as a member of the Navy in the Canadian military. She sits down and shares what it was like going through the basic training program and also why she wanted to join the military. Julie currently lives in Edmonton, AB where she is posted but plans to make her way out to Beaut


I just wanted to give people my personal perspective on why I am doing what I'm doing. This is something I have never done before but I thought it would be beneficial for people that are tuning into the show and who also want to know a bit more about who I am.
Hopefully you enjoy the show!


Jamey Grant joins me to talk about many things. What it was like starting out as a cryptocurrency trader to what it was like going through Rehab. Jamey is one of the most energetic guys I know in the Okanagan and brings a lot to the table! Jamey also has a podcast called "Everybody Love Everybody"


Ray Verlage joins me to talk Mental Health and why Men's Shed is becoming a staple for retired men to come together to build and communicate. Ray is one of the leaders at Men's Shed here and Vernon and he discusses with me why its so important to him and how its impacted his life.



My grandfather, Richard Beaune, sits down with me! This guy is one of my biggest inspirations from day 1.
"Pop" is a retired Phys-Ed Chief who served 37 years in the military. We sit down and talk about Fitness, Nutrition, Mental Health, his military experience and his insane amount of discipline.