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Awareone Radio is a podcast that touches on Mental Health, Fitness, Self Care and Well Being. Derrek Mooney, the host, will be interviewing a wide variety of people in the community such as doctors, social workers, counsellors, activists etc. To touch on ways to be a better member of your community and become not only more aware of ourselves but others as well. 


Rob and Derrek talk about their future plans for Awareone. They explain reasons why they decided to start Awareone. They also talk about their views and share opinions on what mental health means to them. 


Justin Vanderham is a Real Estate agent, husband, brother, friend and a great role model here in the Okanagan. You can find him at 3% Realty. 


Justin Brien talks about becoming a life coach and motivational speaker. Also touches on struggles with addiction and opens up on ways he has overcome many other life challenges. Find him at 


Chris Mooney talks about balancing school, work, basketball and social life. Also shares his views on how important Gratitude and Patience has worked in his favor and touches on his future plans. Find him on LinkedIN


Stephanie was diagnosed with complex PTSD and Acute Episodic Psychosis after she spent 6 months in what felt like a dream that turned into a nightmare and then woke up in the hospital - all caused by trauma embedded in her psyche. 


Nathan Rieu is a composer and gamer. Find him at:

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube


Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube



James is an Interventionist. His main work is with clients that have drug and alcohol addictions and also does personal and couples counselling. In this episode we talk about what he does for work and how he paved his career.

Find him at:


Joel Brazier, is a counsellor here in the Okanagan. He is also a father of 5 beautiful children, an amazing husband and a hell of a role model.

Find him at Creekside Dynamic Health.

Instagram: @joelbraziercouselling 


Missy Mackintosh sits down with me and talks about why she started her Pro clean Make up Line and how she uses make up as a tool of empowerment. She has been featured in multiple publications such as the Cosmopolitan and many more!

Find her at:


Paige is a Health and Fitness Coach here in the Okanagan. Paige and her partner David own a company called Play OKGN where they focus on helping their clients with fitness, nutrition, personal development and much more! Check them out at:



Kristin Ho is in grade 11 and attends Kalamalka Secondary School here in Vernon, BC. Kristin is a straight A student and sets the bar for being a role model here in the Okanagan as a High Schooler.

Find her at:



Melissa Merrill is an artist here in the Okanagan. Find her at Gallery Vertigo. Also find her at:



Michellene Kandart sits down with me to talk about why yoga and meditation is so important. Find her at her yoga studio Lotus and Lettuce here in Vernon, BC.



Josh Winquist is a journalist here in Vernon, BC. He talks about his past mental health struggles with depression and described his experience with Ayahuasca to help him with these issues. He also touches on why he decided to become a journalist. Find Josh at:



Danielle Scheven joins me to talk about Self Talk and the importance of Empowerment. She also has a beautiful jewelry brand called Carolily Finery. She is a very inspirational and motivating human being. Find her at:

@daniellescheven and @carolily_finery


George Cavalier is a IT engineer specialists who works for Tolko Industries. He sits down to talk about how he copes with being bi polar and also talks about how important it is to be a kind and compassionate human being.

Find George at @theothergc


Des O'Brien is A personal trainer, kinesiologist and entrepreneur here in the Okanagan. He also has an apparel company called Okanagan Valley Fitness.

Check him out at:



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